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Bike Wrap

Vinyl can be used to wrap almost everything. From cars to a motorbike. Recently bike wrap becomes more and more popular. Many motorbike owners show an interest in a vinyl wrap as is a great alternative to re-spraying. Bike wrap often is a cost-effective way of changing the look of your pride. Great choice of colors and textures available make vinyl wrap more attractive in comparison to traditional spraying. Often bike, when used on a track, needs bright colors to stand out and be easy to spot.  Sometimes is to refresh the look, or add a bit more character. And sometimes or maybe most of the times is about a passion and to make your pride spacial. There are so many reasons why to wrap your bike.

Whether is a sport bike, scooter, company bike, or show bike we are here to make it special for you.

How we can help you get your bike wrapped?

At Wrap-smith we are well-experienced when comes to bike wrap. Over a years we have done vehicles for the race track, exhibitions, private customers who have a passion for this vehicle, and many more. Working closely with our design team, you create a bespoke design that’s up for the adventure. And our fantastic installation team will make your design real.

Effects of our close work with a customer you can spot on Silverstone or at Spain Track. While bike wrap for expo can be seen on  (link do firexo).


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
Our customers support this philosophy...



Wye Residential

Very efficient, professional and they know their work, I have no hesitation in recommending them.



The Perfume Shop

Nicely done! Quick and professional help.



The Wall Street Journal

Excellent work ethic, top quality - Thank You Wrap Smith .



Chalfont Clinic

Great job on our office Signage, well done guys!!!



Ewe Move

Wrap smith thanks for super quality service!!!




Quality service, cheers wrap smith


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