19th April 2019

Partial Wrap or Half Wrap?

Partial Wrap or Half Wrap?

Company branding, Partial wrap, Half wrap

Advertising the business on your car is very important especially if you are driving instructor. Very popular at the moment is a partial wrap or half wrap. Both are a great way to be easily seen on the road, spot by the potential customers, be recognised. Half wrap makes advert much more interesting than simple letters or number.

Design & vehicle graphics

Working closely with our graphic designer Gears Forward local company covering Maidenhead, Windsor, Slough, High Wycombe, Marlow, and surrounding areas choose visual that suits them best. Because your client recognise your business by colour, we decided to stay with the original yellow. Vehicle graphics imitates car seat. The car had a partial wrap, with some decals on the roof. To keep the sharp line of the car decals were made in the same razor style.

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